Welcome to the Science Fair Information Site! We'll be adding information here as we go along! We hope this will help students and parents as we investigate science and engineering questions together!

Our goals for the science fair are:
  • to provide and encourage early exposure to the scientific method
  • to offer occasion for students to explain their thinking
*A Codington staff member will evaluate the K-2 projects and complete the rubric you can find on this site. K-2 students will not be interviewed about their project, so the more clear and concise information on the project board, the better. We will return the completed rubric back to you for feedback purposes only. 

Applications:  due Sep 10th

NHCS Links:
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September 10th--send in all applications
September 19th--project approval or revision letters sent home, 3-5 approval letters will be accompanied by the "official science fair forms" If your child's project wins, we have to have these for the county fair!
September 21st--(3-5 only)--complete the forms that pertain to your project, forms should be filled in BEFORE you begin working on the project (official science fair rules!)
during fall break--work on projects
November 26th--tables will be set up in the hallways for viewing
November 28th--judging for 3-5, rubrics for K-2
November 29th--school winners announced and K-2 participants
December--tweak projects going to the county fair, if you choose
January 2019--county science fair