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                 Mrs. Hawkins’ April 20-24 Homework Newsletter

Wish List- Still wishing for a few reams of white copy paper and some extra snacks for those who forget theirs once in a while


                                 Upcoming Events

*Monday, April 20-Individual Spring Portrait Day and class group pictures***

April 21- Zaxby’s Night

April 24- Ms. Deal’s last day- Personal notes are due by Thurs., Ogden T-shirt Day

May 1- Fun Day from 10:00-11:40 for 2nd Grade.  Wear a green shirt.

May 2- Ogden School Yard Sale 

May 4-Text Reading Comprehension (TRC) Reading Assessments begin. Students will be reading a text and if they do well enough to pass the accuracy portion, they will be asked oral comprehension questions and then progress to 2 written response ?s.

We are required to have another teacher administer the TRC assessment this time.

Please remind your child to read the questions before answering them and then reread both the questions and their answers carefully to be sure they have answered all parts of the ?s and their sentences have all words they meant to write.

End of Year 2nd Grade TRC  Benchmark Level: M


                              Homework for April 20-24

*No Common Core homework sheet this week. We’ll do it in class.

* Spelling Homework-Review harder core words and your spelling words. We will continue our weekly spelling tests.  I will be assessing spelling proficiency on the 100 Core Words from May 25-28. I will call out the first column of 25 words on May 25th and finish up the final column of 25 words on Thurs., May 28th .


* Reading Homework for this Week- 2 nonfiction reading packets

Please turn in your 2 completed nonfiction packets by Friday.  


*Math Homework-

Review basic + and – facts including doubles up to 12+12.

Practice drawing arrays with rows and columns like we have been doing in class.

Write the answer for each array.  Turn in on Friday.


                                   This week we will………………..

*Work on three digit subtraction with regrouping including word problems

*Work more on arrays and how to write an equation with equal addends and the sum. (ex: 5+5+5=15 or 3+3+3+3+3=15) Key vocabulary: rows, columns, array, sum, equal, addends

*Work on using context clues to figure out the meaning of unknown words, and use our Scholastic News issue for reviewing main ideas and other skills.

* Create an Imaginative Narrative with a focus on using more sophisticated descriptive language.






                     Important Content Specific Vocabulary

Math                       Literacy

*Arrays                                   *Cause and Effect

*Rows                                     * Site evidence from the text

*Columns                               *Character's actions

*Partition                               *Text features (give examples)

*Find the difference              *Persuade

*Sum                                       *Passage (text)

*Equation                               *Transition words and phrases

*Symbol                                  *Opening sentence

                                                 *Main idea 

                                                 * Supporting details

                                                    ( tell more about that main idea)

                                                 *How a text is organized

                                                 *Chronological order                                                       


 Skills to Practice and  Review Together at Home


*Telling time to 5 min. intervals

*Skip count by 5's,10's, 100's within 1,000

*Addition and Subtraction Facts

*Meaning of vocabulary terms above

*Given any number within 1,000, tell what number is ten more/ten less or 100 more/less than the given number.


*Retelling in your own words the most important beginning, middle, and end of story events and giving a supporting detail for each of those events.

*Showing an adult where new paragraphs begin  

*Discussing how your current book  is organized

 Nonfiction usually includes text features such as the table of contents, glossary, index, and information about (give  some examples from table of contents sections or chapter topics), some are organized  in chronological order.  

Fiction may be organized in chapters-give some examples and  tell how many chapters the book has. 

*After reading a nonfiction paragraph, passage, or book, give 2 main ideas from what you read.  Remember, main ideas are  big idea sentences that summarize what you read.

 Main idea: An elephant's trunk is helpful.

Supporting details for this main idea

Elephants can grab things with their trunks.

The trunk can help elephants reach things in high places.

Elephants can use their trunks to communicate with each other.