5-23 Poetry Quiz

Current Table of Contents
10. Verbs Notes
11. VU5
12. VU6
13. VU7
14. VU8
15. VU9
16. VU10 (Figurative Language Terms)
17. Adverbs Notes
18. VU11
19. Intro to Argument
20. Mentor Texts
21. Outline
22. VU12 (Poetry Terms)
23. Prepositional Phrases Notes

4-25 Finish Sam McGee questions & A Day at the Park Prepositional Phrases activity.

5-18 Book Projects Due
4th period: Self Assessment posted under Documents

VU11 Test postponed until 4-16
Argumentative Essays due 4-16

4-6 VU11 Flash cards due
4-13 VU11 Test & PV Field Trip Forms

***All missing assignments must be submitted before Spring Break.***

3/19 Prisoner B-3087 Test
3/22 VU10 Quiz

1. Finish assignments from Monday & Tuesday.
2. Complete Anne Frank Website activity.  See documents section.

1. Finish reflection.
2. Prisoner B-3087 Quiz (See documents section.)
3. Define the following words:
rising action
falling action

***When you search them, be sure to type the term and "in literature" to get an accurate definition.***

1. Membean Assessment
2. 2nd Reflection (3rd Quarter):
Write me a letter evaluating ELA class so far. Be sure to answer the 
following questions within the body of the letter.
*How do you find the rigor? Is it too hard? Too easy? Just right? Be 
specific. Perhaps, you find the vocabulary too easy, but you are 
struggling with reading comprehension quizzes.
*Discuss literature (including short stories and Prisoner B-3087), writing, 
vocabulary, & grammar.
*How do you find the overall classroom management? Too strict? 
Too lenient? Just right? Do we need assigned seats, or should we keep assigned seats 
(contingent upon which class you're in)? Do I need to be 
assigning more punitive 
consequences for shenanigans?
*What do you like about class?
*What do you dislike about class?
*What can I do to make your experience better?
*Are you doing what YOU should as a student? Working hard? Paying 
attention? Participating in class?
Please share any other pertinent comments, criticism or compliments. Be 
honest. I will carefully consider your feedback and plan accordingly. You must 
write a minimum of one page.

1 & 3: History of Rock and Roll Essays Due Monday, 2-19.  Please share with Mrs. Meehan & Mrs. Rogers.

Friendly Reminders:
2-22 VU8 Test
2-19 Book Project
2-8 Short Stories Due

Today, you will begin writing your own short story, the culminating activity of our short story unit.  Write your story in a Google doc.  There is a rubric under the Documents section of my website, and paper copies are also available.  Please include all components specified in the rubric.  Be creative, and enjoy the writing process! We will continue working on this assignment Monday.

1-19 VU7 Test Friday
2-16 In-class Book Project

Friday, 1-12 
Complete North & South Korea nonfiction passage and questions.
Elevator Endings Due Tuesday.

Thursday, 1-11
Complete Nutrition Facts informational passage and questions.
1. Using the rubric provided, complete your self-assessment of your Poe bio presentation. 

2. Under the Documents section of my website, you will find a set of questions on O'Henry's life. Answer them in a Google doc by researching online.  In addition to the 10 questions, compile a list of 10 interesting and relevant facts about O'Henry.  Share this doc with me. 

3. On a sheet of notebook paper, entitled Ransom of Red Chief notes, define the following words: diatribe, impudent, palatable, pervade, surreptitious, comply, apparition, bedlam, deleterious, & commend.

*Return signed progress reports for credit.*
Speckled Band Extension Activities Due Friday the 8th
VU6 Test 12-15

***All things Poe are due Thursday. (I extended it one day.)
Don't forget Membean! You have Thanksgiving week off unless you want to replace this week's score.
11-29 Poe Bio Presentations & Bio Questions Due
11/14 Vocab Sentences Due
11/20 VU5 Test
2 & 4: Vocab Practice Due November 2
1 & 3: Vocab Crosswords Due November 3
SOT Group Questions Due November 1
10-26 Notebook Check
11-3 VU4 Test
1st & 3rd: Jacob's Ladder Scaffolding Activities Due 10-23 
2nd period: VU3 Retake TH, 10-18
***VU3 rescheduled for 10-16***
***Book Project 2 Extended to 11-16***
10-13 VU3 Test
Monday, 10-9:
Please open a Google doc, and write a reflection essay on 6th grade ELA so far.  Your reflection should be approximately one page in length.  It should be written in complete sentences which should be grouped into paragraphs.  You need to include the answers to the following questions:
How do you find the rigor? In other words, is it too easy? Too hard? Just right? (Please be specific, and include individual responses for vocabulary, grammar, and literature & reading comprehension.)
Most days, in ELA, are you interested and engaged (even entertained), or are you often bored?
Do you feel comfortable asking questions and participating in class discussions? If not, why?
Are you able to focus, or are you sometimes or often distracted? If so, what (or who) is distracting you?
What do you LIKE about class?
What do you DISLIKE about class?
What could you do better? Are you doing your best?
What could I do better?
Do you feel like you are learning new information? 
Do you feel like you are understanding previously learned concepts better than before we reviewed them?
What is your opinion of the stories we have read? What is your favorite, and why? ("All Summer in a Day," "Thank You, Ma'am," "Johannah," "Lob's Girl," "Jeremiah's Song")
Answer all of the above questions, and include any other relevant information.  Please be honest and thoughtful.  Here is your chance to be heard.  I take your reflections very seriously.  Your finished product should be proofread and corrected for complete sentences, capitalization, punctuation, etc. When you are done, share it with me at britt.rogers@nhcs.net.

2, 3, & 4: Finish vocabulary review worksheet.
Friendly Reminder: VU2 Test & Literacy Lockers Due this Friday!
Sub Packet Due Thursday, 9-28
Adjectives Assignment Due Monday, 9-25
9-29 VU2 Test
Adjectives Assignment:
1. Label a blank sheet of notebook paper, Adjectives Notes, and put page 3 in the upper right hand corner.  This sheet will go in your ELA folder.
2. Go to the Documents section of my website.  Review the Adjectives Presentation, & take notes on what's important.
3. Also, in my documents, complete the Adjectives Practice on a separate sheet of notebook paper, and submit it to me.
4. Now, find 4 pictures you enjoy.  Options include favorite animals or places, scenes of everyday life, or famous paintings.  Copy and paste the pictures into a Google doc, one per page.  Then, generate 20 adjectives to describe each picture.  You may only include 5 colors for each one.
*Use interesting adjectives.  Instead of using "big," try searching online for more interesting synonyms.*
5. After you find and describe each image, select your favorite.  Using the adjectives you listed, write a solid paragraph describing the image in detail.  Imagine you are describing it to someone who cannot see it, and you want them to be able to envision it in perfect detail.
6. Share your Google doc with me at britt.rogers@nhcs.net.
1st, 3rd, & 4th periods: Letters from Roger due Friday, 9-15.
Noun Poster Projects & Idiom Illustrations Due Dates
1st & 3rd periods:  Due 9-11.
2nd period: Due 9-12.
4th period: Due 30 minutes into class Monday.
Directions for Idiom Illustrations: Illustrate the literal and figurative meanings of 4 different idioms.  They should be neatly drawn on unlined paper, labeled, and illustrated.

9-15 SSVU1 Test
9-5 1st period: ASiaD Plot Maps Due
9-29 Literacy Locker Book Project Due
9-1 "All Summer in a Day" Resolutions Due