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                                                          Congratulations to the following prize winners 
                                                                 from the January 2020 AHS-PTSA Meeting:


January Drawing Winners:

9th Grade: Avery John Walton

10th Grade: Liam Covington

11th Grade: Brianna Filyaw

12th Grade: Lauren Chandarana

Staff: Bobbi Hobbs


Eugene Ashley High School Scholarship for Future Teachers

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AHS-PTSA organizes parents, staff, students, and community members to provide the resources needed for the academic and personal success of all students. The PTSA provides a venue for families to make a difference to the high school student experience.

1.  Build a strong and supportive community that promotes the success of Ashley High for the betterment of students:
  • Increase PTSA Membership
  • Promote volunteer support for PTSA- and school-sponsored events
  • Recognize Ashley’s incredible staff and students through various programs and events.

2.  Provide consistent and open communication through:
  • Email, AHS-PTSA E-Blast, and our website
  • Meetings and community education events
  • Parent, staff, and student surveys

3.  Provide enrichment opportunities for all students:
  • Increase fundraising to provide intervention support, technology and teacher grants, student-oriented programs, etc
  • Provide student-oriented programs (Reflections, School Supported Clubs, etc.