WELCOME BACK 2018-2019! 

We'd like to welcome the new children into our program as well as those who are returning! Check here to stay updated on our accomplishments, activities, and events.


Applications are available on the parents' table and are due back by Friday, May 4th along with the $25 registration fee.

Mrs. Lateisha and Ms. Selina are having babies! Mrs. Lateisha's daughter's name is Karmen and she is due August 30th. Ms. Selina's son's name is Sawyer and is due September 10th. There is a chart created that will be displayed for anyone who would like to guess the day and time of Karmen's and Sawyer's arrival. There will be a prize for the person who guesses the closest! You may help your child pick a date as well. Happy guessing!!! :)




Congratulations to Jack of Group 3 who was featured this past week on ESPN and whose baseball team has won their most recent tournament!

6/2/2017 & Past Highlights


  • 2017-2018 Registration Packets are available for pick up and are due back May 26th, 2017!
  • Kyleigh, Emma C., Emma G., Skylar, Jack M., Matthew,  and William are performing in fourth and fifth grade chorus Patriotic Spring Concert!

4/24/2017 - 4/28/2017
  • After School Professionals Appreciation Week!

  • Congratulations to Cayman of Group 3 for making the Book Club team as 1 of 3 fourth graders who will go compete against other schools at the North East library! 
  • Kyleigh, Charlotte, Cayman, Emma G., Emma C., and Skylar of Group 3 put on amazing performances at the Codington Elementary School talent show