Welcome to Isaac Bear Early College! 

We partner with the North Carolina University System to prove an accelerated, college-ready education by cultivating an environment of mature scholarship and leadership.
We want our students to be leaders in education and leaders in their community.  
Our senior students will graduate with a High School Diploma, a UNCW transcript, and a destination to complete their University or College education.

School Overview

Isaac Bear Early College High School was established in the academic school year of 2006-2007 and partners with the University of North Carolina in Wilmington. Isaac Bear is a rigorous academic school offering only honors level courses in the four core subjects: Math, History, Science, and English. During the junior and senior year students have the opportunity to take college courses at UNCW for college credit. All students have access to the UNCW library and take part in laboratory activities at UNCW's Biology and Chemistry labs. Students also complete upwards of 200 service hours by the time they graduate as seniors.