Dress Code (Preschool – 8th)

Scripture teaches that we are to be examples in every area of our lives, recognizing that we are representatives of character, exemplifying cleanliness, neatness, and modesty.

Colors for Clothing – Solid Khaki, Navy, Black, Brown, Gray, White (pants, jumpers, skirts, shorts, leggings and socks)

Shirts (must be tucked in unless in P.E. or Recess)

  • Button down or polo shirts with collar (may be solid or striped)- no plaid shirts.
  • Logo on shirt should not be larger than a credit card.


  • Sweaters -solid or NHCA sweatshirts may be worn with polo shirt underneath.
  • Hooded sweater/sweatshirts are not to have the hood on head after entering the school building.


  • Slacks, capris, jumpers, dress shorts or cargo pants (twill/cotton/polyester)
  • Should fit at the waist and no excessive baggy or tight slacks allowed
  • Skirt/skort/ shorts /jumpers- length must come to the top of the knee. Slits no higher than the knee.
  • Shorts -(may be worn during August, September, October, April, May only) No Gym Shorts


  • Any style of non-marking tennis shoes or dress shoes. No flip flops, no open toed shoes, crocs, or beachwear shoes.


  • Solid belts will be required for students unable to keep cloths in the correct location.


Jeans Day – (Blue or Black) Jeans day will be scheduled on Fridays. Love to see Christian or NHCA shirts.

Special Jean Day – announced by administrator – Jeans day & special shirt day ( Chiefs / Royals / Other)

APPEARANCE CODE - No tattoos/ No hats /No clothing articles may be low cut or tight in any fashion

Boys: Hair no longer than mid-ear and cannot cover eyebrows. No earrings or piercing

Girls: Only two earrings in ear; no other piercing allowed.