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For television programming, use roman, no quotation marks for the titles of ongoing or continuing sponsored series:
            PBS's Mobil Masterpiece Theatre
            Hallmark Hall of Fame

Use italic without quotation marks for the title of a limited series (for example, a novel in several episodes) and roman with quotation marks for an individual episode or self-contained program within a series.
            "The Lost Child" episode of Mobil Masterpiece Theatre's presentation of Prime Suspect
            Hallmark Hall of Fame's "To Dance With the White Dog"
            Star Trek: The Next Generation, "Tapestry"
            NBC's brilliant Law & Order
            the popular Jeopardy!

Networks and call letters of stations are full caps, no periods or spaces:
            CBS; WETA or WETA-TV; WGBH or WGBH-TV, Boston.

Without call letters:
            Channel 6, American Broadcasting Company, Public Broadcasting Service, public television.