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            National Geographic Channel; the Channel
            Nat Geo WILD
            Explorer (name as of 2015):
                 National Geographic Channel's monthly documentary series that ties in with NGM editorial content.
                 National Geographic EXPLORER: NG Channel uses all caps; NGM promotional blurbs use initial cap only (Explorer). 
                 National Geographic Ultimate Explorer,and National Geographic Explorer Wild (old names)
            National Geographic Special, a TV Special, a Special: The Last Tsar
            National Geographic Children's Television, a National Geographic
            Kids Video

The titles for all films, videos, segments, episodes, series, theme shows, and recurring features are italicized.
             Ultimate Explorer's Inside the Great Pyramid
             EXPLORER premiere episode, Warlords of Ivory, on National Geographic Channel (NG Channel use) 
             Warlords of Ivory, the premiere episode of National Geographic Channel's Explorer series (NGM use)
             Ultimate Explorer's Mysteries of the Deep theme show
             The National Geographic Special: Exploring on the High Frontier
             The National Geographic Television Drama Stanley and Livingston
             Mysteries of Egypt, National Geographic Television's first large-format project
             Swinging Safari and Flying, Trying, and Honking Around, two Really Wild Animals segments
             National Geographic Kids Video Amazing Planet
             DogTown is a series about the real Dogtown (note that capital T in the show name)

For Channels programming in NGM pointers and on the cover, titles of TV shows are written in the same typeface as surrounding text (roman or italic) with single quotation mark. NGP preferred style for time zones in air times is to list Eastern time followed by a slash, then Central time followed by a lowercase "c": 10/9c.
In composing the banner, follow the examples below.

Cover blurbs:
            Watch 'Explorer: Battle For Virunga,' June 26 8/7c
            'Panda Babies:
            Mission Critical'
            August 28 at 8/7c
            on the Nat Geo
            WILD channel