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Ship and boat names in text are italic with initial caps. If a ship or boat has no name other than the hull number, then italicize the hull number as you would a ship name. The use of the with ship and boat names depends on readability and personal preference.

Possessives take italic apostrophe plus roman s; plurals add italic s. If foreign name and translation are given, use same typeface for both. Do not italicize U.S.S., H.M.S., M.V., etc. (Decommissioned ships generally do not use these abbreviations preceding their names, though they may be used in historical references.) Nicknames of ships and boats carry initial caps, roman, no quotation marks. Ships and boats have traditionally been referred to as feminine (she), though it is now becoming common. Do not mix she and it in the same article.

             Mayflower II, Queen Elizabeth 2, QE2
             U.S.S. Missouri, the Missouri's stern, Mighty Mo
             the two previous Yankees
             the Fighting Lady (carrier Lexington)
             Old Ironsides (U.S.S. Constitution), U.S.S. Constitution Museum
             Nuestra Señora de los MilagrosOur Lady of Miracles
             His Majesty's Armed Vessel (H.M.A.V.) Bounty
             R.M.S. Titanic, or sometimes S.S. Titanic