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Words pulled from the author's narrative and used as display type do not need quotation marks and may be altered as long as the meaning is not changed.   Attribution is not necessary.

Direct quotations pulled from the text and used as display type retain quotation marks and should be exact, although words may be omitted without the use of ellipses as long as the meaning is not altered.   Choose pull quotes that do not need brackets, added words, ellipses.  If quoted material from text is paraphrased in display type for readability or because of space limitations, omit quotation marks.

NGM prefers that pull quotes be just that, material pulled from the text and not stand-alone information.

Attribution should be used for direct quotes whenever possible.  If the author or speaker of the quotation is not well known, the attribution may include an affiliation or a generic description with or without a personal name.  If the quotation is from a published work by a well-known author, the attribution may include the work.