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Mr., Mrs., Miss, Ms.

In general, do not use these social titles in editorial copy.

Instead, on first use give a person's full name; in subsequent references use only their last name.

If for some reason a title is needed, follow these guidelines:
            Omit with full name on first reference.
            Use with last name in subsequent references, and for Ms., only if requested or marital status is unknown.

Mr.               David B. Miller greeted me warmly; Mr. Miller told me.
Mrs.             Susan Marie O'Keefe greeted me warmly; Mrs. O'Keefe told me.
Miss            Valerie May, Miss May.
Ms.               Betsy Anthrope, Ms. Anthrope
but never    Mr. and Ms. Anthrope or Ms. John Anthrope.

See also  Monsieur (M.), Madame (Mme), Mademoiselle (Mlle), TITLES OF PERSONS.