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Inuk, Inuit

Singular noun: Inuk
Plural noun: Inuit
Adjective: Inuit

 The word Inuit means "people," so avoid using "people" with Inuit.

Inuit is the designation preferred by Eskimos in Canada and Greenland, whose language is Inuktitut. (Greenlander refers to all citizens of Greenland, not just Inuit.) Most Alaskans continue to accept the term Eskimo, although it is preferable to be specific and use Inupiat or Yupik. (Inuit would be correctly applied only to the Inupiat of northern Alaska and not to the Yupik in the rest of Alaska, whose language does not include that word.) 

The Alaska Native Language Center explains that the term Eskimo has been "considered derogatory in many places because it was given by non-Inuit people and was said to mean 'eater of raw meat.' Linguists now believe that 'Eskimo' is derived from an Ojibwa word meaning 'to net snowshoes.' "