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Names of hurricanes and typhoons are capped:
            Hurricanes Connie and Diane in 1955
            Hurricane Andrew, the hurricane
but     tropical storm Judith

Use it, not he or she.

Hurricanes are called typhoons in the Pacific west of the date line.
            Typhoon Yunya, the typhoon

In Japan, typhoons historically were numbered, although the most significant ones may also have been named:
            Typhoon No. 17, or Typhoon Violet.

Since 2000, tropical cyclones in the Northwest Pacific are named from a list compiled by nations and territories in the region.  (The Philippines has a separate list for typhoon names within the Philippines.)

In Australia hurricanes are called tropical cyclones.  Use the same capitalization as for hurricanes:
            Tropical Cyclone Ophelia, the tropical cyclone.

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