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In legends and textblocks, put directions to various photographs on a spread in roman within parentheses. Use the same treatment for internal directions within a single photo.

For instance, directions for two images on the same spread:
            A Spaniard's iron musket ball blasted a piece (below left) out of the skull
                of the New World's first known shooting victim (above).
            Snapper eat sea urchins that had nearly denuded the reefs at Goat Island reserve
                (top right); a blue-eyed triplefin (above) guards its territory.

Direction within a single image:
            Men like Aurelio Villejo of La Concepción (seated, in hat) help make sure horses have
                food and water.  Ken Garrett (at left) photographed artifacts and carvings for the article.

Use (above) only when the photograph lies immediately above the legend; otherwise use (top).

Directions may not be necessary if it's clear by the subject matter which photo is being described.