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When referring to a department in National Geographic, National Geographic Adventure, National Geographic Traveler, and National Geographic Kids magazines or on National Geographic Online or National Geographic Magazine Online write it in roman (no quotation marks) with an initial cap and other caps as appropriate:

  Inside Geographic
Visions of Earth

Value Vacations
Foods of the Region
What in the World?
Kids Did It!
Posters: If a photographer’s name appears in promotional copy for a poster, it does not have to be repeated in a credit.

In lists, except for proper nouns capitalize only the first word of a boldface lead-in. Do not use punctuation after the lead-in. At the end of each item, use periods after full sentences, no periods after incomplete sentences.

Generally taglines do not contain a person's title. If the same person writes more than one item on the same page, initials may be used for the subsequent taglines:
            Jennifer S. Holland

For local-language partners, put the affiliation in credit type under the name:
            —Matt Shirts

See also entries for individual departments.