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In editorial copy generally give a clergy's full name without clerical titles on first use and in subsequent references use only the last name.

If a clerical title is called for, determine if possible the individual's preference, then the preference of the denomination.

1. General: Clerical titles may often be replaced by other terms, such as Dr., Mr., or
Father, on second and subsequent mentions.
Use the with full name: the Reverend Allen T. Carroll. If the title is abbreviated, it is not necessary to use the: Rev. Allen T. Carroll. Do not use Reverend or Rev. with only the surname. Write Carroll, Mr. Carroll, or Dr. Carroll, not the Reverend Carroll or Rev. Carroll. Formal usage: the Reverend Mr. (or Dr.) Allen T. Carroll is acceptable.
Other clerical titles follow this pattern: Bishop Dennis R. Dimick; Bishop Dimick, the bishop. Only Monsignor may be abbreviated (before the full name): Msgr. Kathleen F. Teter; Monsignor Teter, the monsignor.

2. Jewish: Rabbi B. A. Clayman-DeAtley; Rabbi Clayman-DeAtley, Dr. Clayman-DeAtley, not Ms. Clayman-DeAtley

3. Methodist, Congregational, Presbyterian, Unitarian, Baptist: the Reverend David Miller; Dr. (or Mr.) Miller

4. Lutheran: the Reverend Todd Hermann; Pastor (or Dr.) Hermann; not Mr. Hermann

5. Episcopal: the Very Reverend Peter Miller; the Reverend Peter Miller; Father Miller or Father Peter

6. Seventh-day Adventist: Pastor (or Elder) John A. Echave; Dr. (or Mr.) Echave

7. Christian Scientist: Karen Kostyal, First Reader; Dr. (Miss, etc.) Kostyal

8. Roman Catholic:

Pope Francis; the pope, the Holy Father, the pontiff, a pope, the popes
Cardinal James Hickey; Cardinal Hickey, the cardinal; His Eminence
Archbishop Gabriel Montalvo, Apostolic Nuncio in the U.S.
Archbishop Montalvo, the Archbishop of Turin; the archbishop
the Reverend Juan J. Valdés; Father Valdés (priest)
Robin Adler Palmer; Mrs. Palmer (seminarian)
Sister Mary; the sister
Brother John; the brother
Father John or Brother John (friar)