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References to books should include at least title and author. It is generally not necessary to give the publisher's name unless required when acquiring permission to print from a copyrighted source or when Photo Journal is excerpted from a published source. In some cases the date might also be pertinent.

Book references may be given in a specially designed note or footnote, or worked into text or legend.


Mountaineer GREG CHILD's most recent book is Postcards from
the Ledge.

Guy Gugliotta is co-author with Jeff Leen of Kings of Cocaine,
about the Medellín drug cartel.

Photographs and text adapted from Robert B. Haas's book
Through the Eyes of the Condor, introduction by Marie Arana,
published by National Geographic Books.

Adapted from The Thinking Fan's Guide to the World Cup,
edited by Matt Weiland and Sean Wilsey. HarperCollins, 2006.
Printed with permission.

Astronaut Jay Apt, here photographing Earth from Endeavour,
has flown through auroras many times and at press time was
preparing for his fourth mission into space. What follows is an
excerpt from the new National Geographic book Orbit: NASA
Astronauts Photograph the Earth.

Ellis Island: Ghosts of Freedom, published by W. W. Norton, features
more of Wilkes's work.

*Alan Villiers has written of this era in many
books, including the Society's Men, Ships, and the Sea.