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Follow wording in the King James Version or an accepted modern translation such as the New Revised Standard Version.

Do not italicize words that are italicized in the Bible.

Do not abbreviate books of the Bible.

References follow this form:
            the Book of Joshua
            Joshua 6:30
            II Kings 2:19-20
            Luke 24:29 (not St. Luke)
            in the second chapter of Ruth.

The name of the sacred book is always capped:
            the Bible, the Jewish Bible, the Hebrew Bible

In other uses, lowercase:
            The Morgan register is the bible of the breed.

Do not capitalize his, him, and himself or who, whom, and whose in reference to God or Christ:
            God in his wisdom
            Jesus went his way

Capitalize he if ambiguous:
            When Christ saw Peter, He went up into the mountains.

Capitalization varies with biblical terms:

Ark of the Covenant
burning bush
Chosen People
Christ Child
golden calf
Holy Bible
Mother and Child
Mount of God
Noah's ark
pharaoh of the oppression
Promised Land
Solomon's Temple
stations of the cross
Tablets of the Law
ten lost tribes
12 tribes of Israel
the ten plagues
True Cross
Virgin Mary
holy fire