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The terms American Indian, Indian, and Native American are all acceptable and can be used interchangeably, although Native American, a broader term, may include Aleuts and Eskimos. Be sensitive to individual preference when using these terms and whenever possible use a specific group or tribal name.

Even though a native group may not use the term Indian with its specific name, it may be useful information for the general reader and may be added for clarity.

Use accents on American Indian names and words if the Indian language is written in the Latin alphabet:
            Gwich'in, Tse Nashchii'
            (Note that the symbol for a glottal stop is the same as an opening single quote—a 6 and not a 9 in many fonts.)

For a specific group follow the spelling in Webster's or the Style Manual. For tribal plurals do not add s:
Comanche        Aztec            Shoshone
            Cuna                  Maya            The Apache were later dispersed by the Comanche.

For individuals, s may be added:
            three Comanches
but     a Blackfeet
            the Blackfeet nation
            the Blackfeet in U.S. context

See also Amerindian, First Nations.