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African, African American, Afrikaner, black, coloured, colored, native, Negro

1.Africa: Usage varies; when there is doubt, consult an expert. The nationality (such as Libyan or Egyptian) or the ethnic group (such as Arab, Hamite, or Copt) may be used. The general range of the ethnic group may be indicated, such as European, Asian, Indian, etc., for nonblack people.

Blacks are called blacks or Africans. The term Negro may be applied in referring to the black or Negroid races. The area in which they live may be called black Africa.

The term native may give offense.

In South Africa those of Dutch, German, and French Huguenot descent are called Afrikaners (and speak Afrikaans); there is no general term for English-speaking whites. Blacks are called blacks, and those of mixed race are known as coloureds, not Cape Coloureds as formerly.

2.United States: Do not use colored in present-day U.S. context. Use black (noun and adjective) or African American (noun) and African-American (adjective) in preference to Negro:
            the blacks of Los Angeles
            the black doctor

It is preferable to use nationality rather than color: Jamaican, Haitian, Angolan.