New & Revised


Ashkenazi: preferred adjective (2/27/13)
Crispr, CRISPR: preferred treatment for this gene-editing technique is initial cap only: Crispr (7/27/18)
exclusive economic zone: EEZ, no periods, for abbreviation (12/21/16)
gender pronouns: Allows the use of they/them/theirs as pronouns for individuals who use those. 
Glacier, glacier: Use capital letter when part of the name (10/22/13)
Quran: NG preferred spelling is Quran—exception to Merriam-Webster's (10/31/16)
Romany, Romanies: NGS preferred usage for Gypsy (8/2/11)
shark fin soup: Omit the hyphen between shark and fin (4/21/15)
3D: omit the hyphen; exception to Webster's (7/16/18)
: preferred when describing a craft (space or underwater) that is not staffed by humans; avoid unmanned (11/29/18). See also crewed
undocumented immigrant: preferred term to describe an individual entering, living in, or working in the U.S. without legal permission
. (11/24/14)
yuca, yucca: y
uca is not a synonym for yucca—exception to Merriam-Webster’s (10/20/16)

Aboriginal: In Australian context, use for both noun and adjective; do not use Aborigine (6/19/13)
awhile, a while, while: while may be used in place of though, although, or whereas at the beginning of sentences (10/19/16)
Basketmaker: One word for ancient Southwestern U.S. culture; exception to Webster's (8/23/18)
bathyscaph: NGS preferred spelling, not capped (2/27/13)
Bible: Use Arabic numerals (not roman) for book titles: 2 Kings, 1 Chronicles (9/13/18)
Building: Capitalize NGS buildings in name: 17th Street Building (6/19/13)
bushmeat: Always write as one word (not bush meat or bush-meat) (11/29/18)
cannon, cannons: preferred plural follows Webster's: cannons (12/28/16)
cardinal: in a title, cardinal precedes the given name; no longer placed between the given and surname: Cardinal Jaime Sin (4/9/15)
cinder block, cinder-block: use hyphen in adjectival form (5/3/2017)
CREDITS: Added NGM Staff: uppercase "S" in Staff (10/1/12)
freshwater: One word for noun and adjective per Merriam-Webster's (11/14/14)
khat, qat, kat: NGS preferred spelling is khat (10/22/13)
north, northern: capitalized Northern California (4/29/15)
NUMBERS: Generally spell out whole numbers zero through nine (same with ordinals), otherwise use figures (3/17/16)
PLACE-NAMES: Updated section on Capitalization of Foreign Place-Names (6/19/13)
President, presidency, presidential: Capitalize title when it immediately precedes a personal name; otherwise lowercase. (2/7/14)
rainforest: Write as one word for noun and adjective. Exception to Merriam-Webster's but now commonly used. (11/29/18)
south, southern: capitalized Southern California (4/29/15)
teepee: preferred spelling of conical tent used by American Indians (7/14/17)
TRADEMARKS: Added link to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office