Technical Notes

Red indicator flags (NEW and REV) are no longer displayed next to items on alpha entry pages. Refer to New & Revised for recent changes.

Summary pages
Previous online version of the NGS Style Manual had summary pages, in which all the entries for a particular letter of the alphabet were listed together. Those pages are not available in this version.

Copying text and graphics
Small graphic images are used for some punctuation, which might not copy well to other applications. An image can be copied by right clicking (PC) or control clicking (Mac) on it and saving it to your hard drive. The graphic image can then be imported into other applications.


Internal Links
Links to pages inside the NG firewall, or to external sites that must be accessed from the NGS URL (for licensing purposes), will not function as intended if accessed from outside the NGS firewall.

If you have any suggestions for, or problems with, the NGS Style
Manual, please contact David Brindley.