This spring, senior students in the Business Marketing program at the George Washington University were asked to conduct research into the opportunities for National Geographic Education to develop educational applications for use on tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices. As part of their research, students designed surveys for teachers and students to get a baseline picture of their use of various devices and software applications.

We would appreciate the help of DCGA teachers in completing the short surveys about their own technology use in the classroom, and, if possible, in engaging students to complete the student versions of the surveys.
Please let us know if your school requires any particular release forms or other documentation to engage students in such activities, and we will be happy to supply whatever is needed. Please also note that student names will not be solicited, and that all responses are completely confidential and will be used for research purposes, only.

All surveys need to be completed by Friday, April 27. Thanks for your participation in this research project!
Thanks for your help. 

Teacher Survey, Grades 3-5:

Student Survey, Grades 3-5:

Teacher Survey, Grades 6-12:

Student Survey, Grades 6-12: