Flip Learning App

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Explain Everything

This great app makes flip learning easy. It allows you to insert any resource and record lessons using it. I discuss it more in-depth on the Apps Page and have included one of my examples in this video. Using these Apps for flip learning allow you to spend more one on one time with students as they can watch your 'lessons' at home. There's no better feeling when students come to class already knowing the content and you can spend the whole lesson helping them with their work instead of scrolling through a power point. 


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Creators Project

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 The Creators Project by Intel and Vice
This project is an awesome collaboration between Vice magazine and Intel. The project brings together artist from multiple disciplines who are using technology to push the boundaries of visual art. The videos are a great way for students to hear about creative processes from the mouths of well known musicians, film makers and other artists. 

My current favorite is this video about Olafur Eliasson.  

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Internet Artists

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 25 Internet Artists You Need to Know
I would love to see more secondary students engaging with Internet art. Its an opportunity for students to take a critical approach to a world they are often highly engaged in. It also allows students to access a public context without having to show in a gallery space. If your new to internet art then check out this link to get started. 

iPad Art Apps

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 20 Best iPad Art Apps
Drawing apps are often the first thing an art teacher will download when they finally get an ipad. I've tried a bunch of these over the last few years and my students all have their personal favorites. This blog offers a good review of drawing apps. My personal favorite is Paper53 as I enjoy the visual diary layout and water colour brushes.

Even David Hockney has been sketching on an iPad


New York Close Up Video Series

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New York Close Up
PBS produce the Art 21 series which has covered established artists across several DVD series. They also profile emerging artists in their New York Close Up series. The series follows young artists as they discuss their work often in a studio environment. The series is a great way to discover new and emerging artists and the videos allow students to see young artist in discussing their work.

Shape: A Design Film

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Shape a Design Film
 is a short film that is part of MakeShapeChange, a project aimed at young people to get them thinking about how the world is made around them and where design fits in. There is a wealth of design information on the site including this statement:
Design is a simple thing that we can all use. Creative thinking for a practical purpose. Being able to imagine a stone as a spearhead, a cave as a house or a rock as part of a wall. It's a bridge between what something is and what it could be. Between the things we make and how we use them. It's not the whole story of the world we make around us, but it's an important part. It's always been there, helping us progress, and making things work better. 
 The poject was comissioned by Pivot DublinLearn more about the project.
(post from http://oblog.designobserver.com/post/shape-a-film-about-design/38409/#.Uz-va6iSyQA) 

Excellent Drawing Tutorials

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Check out this excellent drawing tutorial channel. This guy makes fantastic tutorials which my students seem to enjoy. The videos are a good pace and cover all those essential basics. Click on the title above to view the Youtube channel. 

Do you have any favorite video tutorials? 
email me the link and I can share them with everyon

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