Blended Learning: Department Webpages

Schools have been creating courses online for a number of years now. Each school is at a different stage in their digital migration. Your school may be using UltraNet, Moodle, MyPortfolio or something else and the way teachers have been putting courses on the web will be different. The nature of Visual Art courses requires a different approach to blended learning than other subjects. On this page I will showcase different approaches to blended learning in the visual arts.

If you use blended learning in the art department and would like to share, send me an email and I can add your experiences on this page. If you would like full access to the web sites, email the teacher to request permission and they may be able to give it to you. 

Napier Girls High School

Platform: Google Sites
How long have you been using it?: 1 Year
How do you use it?
We use Google Sites to deliver about 60% of our course content. It acts as an umbrella under which most of our resources are placed. As it syncs with Google Drive, YouTube and other apps, adding content is easy. Students have to access the website to view important information such as tutorials, instructions, deadlines, exemplars and many other resources. The website is referred to in all lessons as a learning platform so students get into the habit of visiting it.
How is it Structured?
From the main landing page students select their class page. Each class page is then divided into internals and externals. Content is added down the page as the learning progresses. There are separate resource pages where we put general resources such as links and tutorials that would be useful to all levels. 
What are the Benefits?
Students can easily access all their learning material in one place this is especially useful for personalized learning. It also allows teachers to enhance achievement through flip learning and collaborative applications. 
What are some of the hurdles you've faced?
  • Layout and site design can be tricky and takes a while to get your head around.
  • It takes time to build the site from scratch but it is definitely worthwhile.
  • Students need to be constantly encouraged to visit the site but after a while it becomes habit.
Page Examples

Video Tour

4 Google site example.webm

 Landing Page
This is the main page from which students access their classes. The site is in beta stage and the design still needs development
 Embedded Apps
This page shows the embedded assessment calender, real time board, recent announcements, Google drive folder and Pinterest board
Flip Learning
This year 11 painting page shows the task and accompanying videos. Students can watch these videos on their own devices as they are producing the drawings.

 Task Example
This is an example of how a task might be laid-out. The instructions are given, exemplars embedded and more in-depth instructions provided as a google doc.