North Gwinnett Baseball Softball Association is an organization managing the recreational, travel baseball and softball programs out of George Pierce Park in beautiful Suwanee, Georgia.  We serve youth players ages 4-18 in the North Gwinnett area. 

ALERT: Stay tuned for information about spring baseball & softball registration. Registration is scheduled to begin on Jan. 1, 2017.

Fall Coaching Evaluations are Now Available

Dear Parents,

We, the NGBSA Board, hope that you and your family have enjoyed this fall season at George Pierce Park.

As we strive to further develop the NGBSA into the finest association it can possibly be, we value your input and feedback. Our emphasis has been, and will continue to be, to benefit the league as a whole.

As a member of the NGBSA family, we appreciate your feedback on the performance of your team's coach(es), your perspective on the facilities, as well as other issues regarding your overall experience this past season. We are committed to providing the best coaching for our children and will only allow coaches in our association who receive favorable evaluations from our parents, regardless of seniority. Your completion of this evaluation will enable us to ensure that only those coaches who provide the best experience for our children are the ones who continue to coach within the NGBSA. While we all agree that fundamental knowledge of the game is important, we strongly believe that the ability to promote self-esteem, teamwork, sportsmanship and cooperation is equally as important.

Please complete the online form. Although the information collected is confidential, we encourage you to sign the form and give us your telephone number so that the commissioners can address any issues that you may have had.

Thank you in advance for your continued cooperation and support of the NGBSA. If you would like to speak to a board member after completing your survey, please call:

Baseball Commissioner:  Brent Halcomb, 678-414-3784

Softball Commissioner:    Jason Steger, 770-500-2027 

Due to recent drought and high fire danger conditions and to protect greenspace, park buildings, and athletic fields as well as private property, the Department of Community Services has issued a temporary ban on smoking, fires and grilling (except by permit) in Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation facilities.

Please note that the temporary ban on smoking applies to all patrons on park property. 

NGBSA Tee Ball Champion Red Sox!

Front Row:  Adrian Samarasekera, Alex Turner, Logan Dean, Evan Owens, Hayden Jones, Carson Jackson  Back Row:  Alexander Son, Hudson Gerry, Benjamin Wickham, Caleb Neese, Andrew Davis, Mason Devine  Coaches:  Chris Owens, Sammy Jackson, Matt Neese, Rob Davis, Joey Devine

8U Mizuno Gwinnett

2016 Training Legends Spook-Tacular Champions!

L-R: Chase Kiewert, Charlie Griffith, Harrison Cantrell, Ryan Johansen, Austin Neese, Boogie Lowit, Brayden Mentzer, CJ Brown, Payton Walker, Andres Jiminez, Vance Bock

10U GGBL and Boo Ball Champs!

11U Mizuno Gwinnett Win Forsyth County Fall Frenzy!

8U Mizuno Dirt Dawgs Win “Two in the Bucket” Tournament!

The 8U Mizuno Dirt Dawgs travel softball team went 5-0 and won the CAMsports "Two in the Bucket" tournament in Covington, GA.  The Dirt Dawgs defeated the Lady T-Birds 15-10, Lady Tide 16-8, FPS 17-8, Lady Vipers 18-4, and the 8U Gamers 21-9.  Way to go, girls! 

Coaches (L-R): HC-Rob Blackburn, ACs:-John Berry, Jacquan Ray, Kristin Belyea, Joe Saucier

Players standing (L-R): Imari Brewer, Jordyn Ray, Peyton Powers, Avery Prado, Kylie Berry

Players sitting (L-R): Hailey Sanchez, Reagan Saucier, Emily Belyea, Maddie Blackburn, Violet Shultz, Lilly Maynard

Training Legends Super Sunday Showdown 2 Champions!
Mizuno Gwinnett Bulldogs 8U

Back L-R: Brayden Mentzer, Payton Walker, Austin Neese, Vance Bock, Harrison Cantrell
Front L-R: Chase Kiewert, Ryan Johansen, Andres Jimenez, CJ Brown, Charlie Griffith

Southern Sports Promotions Fall Frenzy White Division Champions!
11U North Gwinnett Bulldogs

L-R Back Row: Cooper Chunn, Garrett Posey, Wade Stanley, Jackson Abernathy, Sutton Kelley
L-R Front Row: Patrick Mannino, Jacob Belyea, Rohan Gopaldas, Everett Braswell, 
Ewan Becraft, and Veer Patel

2016 Event Schedule

 Date Event 
 11/12 (Sat) 8U Travel Team Tryouts, 1 - 3pm, at George Pierce Park

***NOTE:  All dates are subject to change ***

NGBSA 2016 Fall - 2017 Spring/Summer 
Baseball Travel Coaches

Age Group Name  Phone  Email
 8U  Chad Mentzer      770-378-3646  camentz@yahoo.com
 9U  Derik Taylor  404-580-8000  derik.taylor72@gmail.com
 10U  David Applebee  678-938-7375  dapplebe@bellsouth.net
 10U  Matt Champito  404-372-6649  mchamp14@yahoo.com
     11U  Kevin Chunn  678-642-0786  ngdawgsbaseball@yahoo.com

 11U  Chuck Gallagher  404-966-4866  cgallagher@fwpmanagement.com
 11U  Greg Hocutt  205-965-4838  jhocutt1@gmail.com
 12U  Karl Smith  678-640-7807  rori520@aol.com
 12U  Paxton Briley  404-993-0559  paxton.briley@mizunousa.com
 13U  Danny Woodring  404-664-5656  woodringdanny@bellsouth.net
 14U  Billy Turner  678-758-7945  billy.turner@gmail.com
 14U  Jack Ripley  678-878-9529



Triple Crown Sunday Series #1 Gold Bracket Champions
8U Mizuno Gwinnett Bulldogs

L-R Back Row...Payton Walker, Vance Bock, Harrison Cantrell, Austin Neese, Brayden Mentzer
L-R Front Row...CJ Brown, Ryan Johansen, Andres Jimenez, Chase Kiewert (not pictured: Charlie Griffith)

Quest for the Best Runner Up!

2016 North Gwinnett T-Ball (6U) Softball Quest For The Best Runner Up
Coaches:  Philip Eve, Mike Kokoszka, Rob Blackburn, Payton Lamb, Kristin Belyea
Players:  (BR) Taylor Hutchinson, Ashton Lamb, Emilie Pickens, Allyn Johnston, Nevaeh Adamson (FR) Haven Hoskin, Peyton Crouse, Caroline Eve, Lanie Blackburn, Abby Belyea, Madison Kokoszka, Kylie Yu

Tri-County Runner-Up!

2016 North Gwinnett T-Ball (6U) Softball Pre Tri-County Runner Up
Coaches:  Philip Eve, Rob Blackburn, Kristin Belyea, Mike Kokoszka, Payton Lamb
Players:  (BR) Ashton Lamb, Taylor Hutchinson, Emilie Pickens, Nevaeh Adamson, Peyton Crouse
               (FR) Haven Hoskin, Caroline Eve, Abby Belyea, Kylie Yu, Lanie Blackburn, Madison Kokoszka

Triple Crown Summer Blowout

NGBSA was well represented in the Triple Crown Summer Blowout this weekend with the 8U North Gwinnett Bulldogs (Taylor) and the 7U North Gwinnett Bulldogs (Mentzer) facing off against each other in the Championship Game.  Congrats to both teams and great job representing our program!!

Triple Crown Summer Blowout Champs - North Gwinnett 7U Bulldogs (Mentzer)

Coaches:  Chad Mentzer, Matt Neese, Mike Kiewert

Players:  (FR)CJ Brown, Chase Kiewert, Vance Bock, Charlie Griffith, Beckett Watkins

              (BR) Braydon Mentzer, Payton Walker, Harrison Cantrell, Graydon Sellers, Austin Neese,

North Ga Jamboree Champs - North Gwinnett 8U Bulldogs

Coaches:  Canh Nguyen, John Shelnutt, Derik Taylor, David Morris

Players:  Evan Nguyen, Connor Coxwell, Ryan Taran, Denton Morris, Ayden Lockett, Andrew Park, Adrian Nguyen, Blake Taylor, Ryan Davis, Jack Shelnutt

USSSA Gwinnett Co. Atlanta World Series Qualifier AA Gold Bracket Champs - North Gwinnett 7U Bulldogs

Coaches:  Chad Mentzer, Matt Neese, Mike Kiewert

Players:  Vance Bock, Payton Walker, Austin Neese, Harrison Cantrell, Braydon Mentzer, Beckett Watkins, Chase Kiewert, Charlie Griffith, CJ Brown, Graydon Sellers

USSSA Gwinnett Co. Atlanta World Series Qualifier AAA Champs - North Gwinnett 8U Bulldogs

Coaches:  Derik Taylor, John Shelnutt, Canh Nguyen, David Morris

Players:  Andrew Park, Evan Nguyen, Connor Coxwell, Ryan Davis, Denton Morris, Ayden Lockett, Ryan Taran, Adrian Nguyen, Jack Shelnutt, Blake Taylor

USSSA Pop-up Classic AA Gold Bracket Runner Up - North Gwinnett 7U Bulldogs

Coaches:  Chad Mentzer, Matt Neese, Mike Kiewert

Players:  (BR)  Harrison Cantrell, Vance Bock, Graydon Sellers, Payton Walker, Austin Neese

(FR) Beckett Watkins, Braydon Mentzer, CJ Brown, Charlie Griffith, Chase Kiewert, Christian York

2016 North Gwinnett Pee Wee (8U) Softball Tri-County Runner UP

Coaches: Curtis Pierce, Mark Patton, Jennifer Patton, Todd Nellis

Players:  (BR) Clara Briley, Caroline Stanton, Sydney Woyce, Alayna Todd, Jessica Epps, Addison Pierce, Jenna Fox  (FR) Mary Grace Nellis, Reagan Patton, Kennedy Pickett, Victoria Na, Ava Steger

2016 NGBSA Spring Tball 5 Champions - Blue Jays

Coaches:  Derek Dean, Matt Neese, Kris Johnson, Rob Davis

Players:  Carter Miles, Reid Nelson, Asher Gillespie, Colton Carter, Sam Butler, Caleb Neese, Hayden Jones, Landon Corney, Jake Johnson, Andrew Davis, Logan Dean, Adrian Ponzio

2016 NGBSA Spring Pee Wee Champions - Orioles

Bottom front left to right Cameron Dean and Jack Kennedy

2nd row Colton Carter, Mathew Sime, and Noah Blumenthal

3rd row Daniel Bryant, Jared Miller, Smith Clanton, Will Boatright, James Osborne, Ava Simone, and Rylan Simmons 

Back Row Coaches Steve Bryant, Ellis Dean, Reid Clanton, and Mark Boatright

2016 8U Travel Baseball team - Triple Crown Slugfest Champions!!

Coaches:  Derik Taylor, John Shelnutt, Canh Nguyen, David Morris

Players:  (Back Row) Andrew Park, Evan Nguyen, Connor Coxwell, Ryan Davis, Denton Morris, Ayden Lockett, (Front Row) Ryan Taran, Adrian Nguyen, Jack Shelnutt, Blake Taylor