13th Annual NFIC Conference
July 16th at Stanford University

Emerging Automotive Computing: Engineering in Overdrive

New Frontiers in Computing was established to provide an inexpensive one day technical overview of an emerging technology directly affecting the work of the engineering and software communities. Its goal is to give an attendee enough quality information to make practical strategic decisions regarding the technology.  This year we bring you: Emerging Automotive Computing: Engineering in Overdrive.

On board computers are now the major cost of any new car.  This year's NFIC will explore where innovations in automotive computing will go in the next generation.

Starting with an introduction and overview of the expanding field of automotive computing, this conference will examine exciting new developments taking place in both university and corporate research facilities.  Key to much of this innovation, both theoretical and practical, the conference will cover the development of computer based autonomous vehicles.  Technical presentations on inter-vehicle communication and hardware/software design challenges will follow this discussion of growing vehicular computerization and autonomy.  Finally, the technical issues of Universal and Human computer Interface in this changing automotive environment will receive attention.

This July 16th at Stanford University's Braun Auditorium, NFIC will over the challenges of developing the next generation auto that will push computing and engineering into technical overdrive.