School Report Cards and Data

Accountability and School Report Cards-
The District is embracing the recent Wisconsin State School Report Cards and utilizing the data as part of our plan to continue to improve and utilize resources to help all of our students grow and achieve. This year the state report cards have given us insight on areas where we need to grow and areas that we have found success. We saw a growth in score for Bessie Allen Middle School, Friendship Learning Center maintained at meeting expectations and Horace Mann High School’s score dropped to meeting few expectations. This is the first year that the state offered a district report card and that was our highest score of all, showing meeting expectations.All of the data is important. The District is continuing to utilize data and technology to better
individualize education to help all students grow and succeed. One very specific piece of data that we are focusing on is our students that come from families that are struggling financially. At Horace Mann High School the main cause for the lowering of school score was the low achievement in math for our students whose families are in most financial difficulty. This related to a significant drop in “Closing Gaps” on our high School report card, which then correlated to the 12.9 point drop in Horace Mann High Schools report card. We are addressing our math challenges not only in the high school but at all levels.
We are very proud of our rising ACT scores, the significant growth in math and reading that we are seeing in MAPSs and local formative assessments. We offer innovative programs in music, art, science, college courses in cooperation with UW-Oshkosh for math and language arts, 5 years of Spanish instruction, and numerous athletic, volunteering and club options as well as providing instructional
technology to all of our students. We are proud of the offerings and opportunities we provide all of our students.
The School District of North Fond du Lac embraces the new accountability system and appreciates the data we are receiving. Our students, families and communities can count on our District continuing to provide high quality instruction in math, reading and writing, while maintaining incredible music, art, club, exploratory and athletic programs. We are looking forward to see next year’s report cards reflect the dedication and focus that our district will continue to have on each of our students – no matter where
they are on his or her learning journey. All students have the ability to grow and achieve! We’re proud to serve our community and are dedicated to continually improving and helping every one of our students change in a fundamentally positive direction while under our care. Our students are growing. Our staff is dedicated and focused. Our expectations for our students’ and each other’s success are rising.
We invite all of you to come to our schools and see our educators, staff and students in action – you will see for yourself that we are a successful school district focused on the development of the entire student. Thank you for the opportunity to serve the families and students of the greater North Fond du Lac area.

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The School District of North Fond du Lac's 
Goals by September 2019 To have all schools “Exceeds Expectations”
To be above the State Average in Achievement
To be above the State Average in Student Growth
To continue to improve every year in Closing the Gaps
To have no deductions in Student Engagement Indicators