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Reading Together for the Success of All

The Power of Happiness

Positive psychology researchers have demonstrated people that are happy, defined by Shawn Achor as “the joy one feels striving for his or her potential,” and believe that what they do and how they feel matters are more productive, leading more fulfilling lives. The School District of North Fond du Lac is fully embracing the power of happiness and how positivity impacts success through the “Orange Frog” initiative. District employees were inspired and energized by the message of the book, The Orange Frog by Shawn Achor and Orange Frog professional development program and a group of educators wanted to spread the message of how happiness leads to greater life success with our students and families.

The development of the Reading Together for the Success of All has now given the District a vehicle to spread the power of happiness and the message of The Orange Frog. All Families of students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade are being given this folder containing The Orange Frog book and chapter support materials. The goal is for all families to enjoy reading and discussing the book together and have daily and weekly lessons supporting the power of happiness and positive psychology.

Plan - Schedule
Week of February 6th - Chapters 1 - 3
Week of February 13th - Chapters 4 - 5
Week of February 20th - Chapters 6 - 7
Week of February 27th - Chapters 8 - 9

Aaron Sadoff,
Feb 6, 2017, 9:44 AM