Orange Frog - The Power of Happiness

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Thank you to The Fond du Lac Area Foundation, International Thought Leaders Network and the School District of NFDL for providing the resources to buy the books and supplies - THANKS!!

Happiness is a Choice and an Advantage!
The idea -  If you believe that how you think and what you do matters - you are more engaged in life.  And if you are more engaged in life - you are more successful! Happiness and positive psychology is the key to take our staff, customers (students-families) and community to the next level of engagement, success and prosperity.

The Formula is Reversed

Happiness = Engagement = Results

Our District and the International Think Leader Network are on a journey to infuse positive psychology, proven strategies into our staff, students, families and community!.  Through the research of Shawn Achor (author of The Happiness Advantage and Beyond Happiness), he and ITLN (International Thought Leader Network) authored a book called the Orange Frog which is a parable that infuses the research and ideas of happiness and positive psychology to help us learn how to be happier and thus be m,ore productive and find more joy in our lives.

Background Information 

What is the Orange Frog

TED Talk - Summary of Happiness Advantage