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If it's a good idea and it gets you excited, try it, and if it bursts into flames, that's going to be exciting too.  People always ask, "What is your greatest failure?" I always have the same answer - We're working on it right now, it's going to be awesome! - Jim Coudal

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Everyday, they knew they'd fail.
Every time they'd go out to fly - every time - they brought extra materials because the knew their fledgling design would crash.
Crash and rebuild. Crash and rebuild.
But never ever, ever give up!
"If we worked on the assumption that what is accepted as true is really true, then there would be little hope for advance." Orville Wright
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My name is Aaron Sadoff and I am very proud to be the superintendent of the School District of North Fond du Lac.  I was born in 1971 and graduated from Goodrich High School in 1990.  I served in the US Army as a cavalry scout after graduating high school.  After my service in the military, I went to college, for one semester at UW-Fond du Lac and four years at UW-Madison.  I graduated in 1997 with a degree in secondary education (social studies) and History.

In the fall of 1997 I began my career in education as a social studies teacher (psychology and history) at Lincoln High School in Manitowoc.  After three years as a teacher in Manitowoc, we moved back to the Fond du Lac area where I taught for one year at Woodworth Middle School and five years at Fond du Lac High School.  At Fond du Lac High, I taught many different subjects, but my passion and specialty continued to be psychology.  

In 2006 I was selected to be middle school principal at Bessie Allen.  I truly enjoyed my three years working with a great staff and awesome students.  After Dr. James Sebert was selected as the superintendent in Fond du Lac, I soon applied and was selected as Superintendent for the School District of North Fond du Lac.  

I decided to pursue this position because of the great belief I have in this District, Staff and the community of North Fond du Lac.  I am very excited to enter my eighth year as the superintendent of the School District of North Fond du Lac.  I have a passion for learning and feel blessed to be part
 of our school District.

On a personal note, I have a beautiful wife Kelly (married for 21 years) and three great kids - Paige (18), Lilly (15) and Ethan (11).  When I am not at school I enjoy working around my home, golfing and relaxing with family and friends.  

I am looking forward to a great year of school and please let me know if I can be of any assistance by emailing me at asadoff@nfdlschools.org or calling my office at (920) 929-3750.


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