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The School District of North Fond du Lac

“Working Together for the Success of All.”

The School District of North Fond du Lac is comprised of the Early Learning Center (which houses a privately owned childcare facility), Head Start, Early Childhood, four and five-year-old kindergarten programs; the Friendship Learning Center (grades 1st -5th), Bessie Allen Middle School (grades 6th - 8th) Horace Mann High School (grades 9th - 12th), as well as an Alternative Learning Center for high school students.  Conveniently located in the Fox Valley, families enjoy the convenience of small town living with big time education opportunities for all children.

Dedicated to attracting and retaining a world-class staff to serve all our children, no matter where each is on his or her learning journey, our highly qualified and talented educators serve 1,200+ students.  The District dedicates its resources to provide small class sizes, state-of-the-art technology support (school provided 1-1 computer technology grades 5K - 12th) and many opportunities to become involved in school activities and athletics. Outstanding programs, such as vocal and instrumental music, art, business education and technical education, serve to enhance a strong core of academic courses in the pre-K - 12th grade curriculum.

The School District of North Fond du Lac, in cooperation with the community, is committed to providing an outstanding educational program in a safe and nurturing environment built upon mutual trust and respect, and designed so all individuals become lifelong learners.  

How the School District of North Fond du Lac Defines Success People (Growth + Achievement +Manners + Opportunities) = Success

We eagerly welcome students to our district each year, and understand that each one arrives with a unique set of strengths and abilities. Regardless where a child comes in on his or her learning journey, we are committed to help each one grow and improve. Throughout every day, week, month and school year, our success is continually defined by the individual rates of academic growth, achievement and positive behavioral development, as well as our ability to provide great opportunities for students to express their talents and to develop as compassionate human beings and productive citizens.

Growth and Achievement

With the recent publication of WKCE results and the comparison amongst districts, we are well aware of our scoring statuses relative to the regional and state averages. We do not see this as acceptable and will improve. This comparison shows only how we’ve performed on one assessment tool. What we know is that through the use of many other evaluations, including the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP), Fountas and Pinnell Reading screeners and regular classroom assessments, we’re seeing significant academic growth in our students, with particular emphasis on reading and math skills. Addressing further improvement is critical, and I am confident that we are on the right track for student growth and significant increases in measured academic achievement in all areas! Our district embraces the new Common Core State Standards and is investing resources in providing high-quality instruction via excellent educators using effective educational technology and devices. We want to develop students who are thinkers and problem-solvers, who can work together in teams, achieving academic success we offer no excuses!

Manners and Respect You Can Never Have Enough

Respect is defined in our district as treating someone or something as if it is valuable. We believe a great measure of our success is reflected in the way we support and educate students in manners and proper behavior. All of our schools utilize The Oriole Way, which establishes high expectations for good behavior, teaches these concepts, rewards proper behavior and identifies and corrects improper behaviors. Safe and courteous hallway movement, Internet etiquette and safety and appropriate personal and group interactions are all examples of concepts addressed by The Oriole Way. We believe that how an individual conducts personal behavior is equal in importance to that individual’s math and reading ability. Manners and responsible personal behaviors are concepts vital in importance to the district; we take these very seriously because of our belief in their role in developing an effective work ethic and the ability to get and retain employment.

Opportunities-Tapping into Students’ Passions

Our district proudly bases its success on the culture we create through having great academic opportunities (college-level, accredited courses for accelerated students and individualized interventions for struggling students), maintaining great Arts and Music programs, and providing many athletic and extracurricular opportunities for all students. We realize that there are some students who do not come to school to learn to read, write and do math. Rather, they come to school to be with their friends, pursue their passions, experience excitement and, through the many opportunities school can provide, our educators are able to develop quality relationships with these students and help them to see the value of learning academic subjects. Building great facilities, finding and supporting effective, compassionate educators, coaches and advisors and tapping into the passions of students are all critical elements we’ve established for helping our students grow and achieve success.

The School District of North Fond du Lac knows that people are not the right commodity; THE RIGHT PEOPLE are! We have a lot of the “Right People” in our district serving our kids. Regardless of the program, curriculum or activity; the right people make the biggest difference. We are dedicated to help our staff grow to better serve our students and families with each successive year. People and leadership matter!!

All students have ability to grow and achieve! We’re proud to serve our community and are dedicated to continually improving and helping every one of our students change in a fundamentally positive direction while under our care. Our students are growing. Our staff is continually improving. Our expectations for our students’ and each other’s success are rising. We invite all of you to come to our schools and see our educators, staff and students in action you will see for yourself that we are a successful school district with a tremendous amount of growth still ahead. Thank you for the opportunity to serve the families and students of the greater North Fond du Lac area.


Aaron Sadoff Superintendent
The School District of North Fond du Lac
Phone (office): (920) 929-3277

Phone (mobile): (920) 539-7151 Email: asadoff@nfdlschools.org