Unit Overview

In this Unit you will read the novel 'Ties That Bind. Ties That Break' by Lensey Namioka and learn about the ancient Chinese tradition of foot-binding.

In groups, you will work collaboratively to research customs and traditions of a particular country. You will learn strategies to search for information, as well as how to evaluate the information you find. You will explore how to take notes, and how to use and reference the information you find. Finally, your group will create an exhibition of your research, which will be shared with the school community.

Unit Skills Focus

This unit aims to give you the opportunity to work on the following areas:

RAF1: use a range of strategies to read for meaning
RAF2: select relevant information and use correct referencing

WAF2: produce texts appropriate to task, audience and purpose
WAF8: use correct spelling

Speaking and Listening
SLAF1: talk and present to others

The final outcome, will be a collaborative exhibition of your research about a particular country's customs and traditions. Click HERE for the rubric.

Your exhibition must be well organised and clear. It must have:
  • a title
  • a map, clearly labelled and showing the country
  • a minimum of six relevant images with captions and references
  • at least one piece of non-fiction informative writing per person with references
  • a minimum of one relevant physical object