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Learner Organisation

21st Century Learning

English is all about being able to express yourself - clearly, effectively, passionately, beautifully. In the 21st century we have the opportunity to do this in many ways - both on paper and digitally. The learning you experience will be multi-media - that means you will learn to read and write from poetry, digital stories, videos, images, blogs, news, books in print and electronic form, drama, the Internet, graphic novels, vlogs, film... the list is always growing. 

To help you be organised and get the most out of learning, all lessons are shared online through websites and Edmodo. This means that even if you are absent, you can still keep up to date AND if possible, you are welcome to join us in class via Skype. How cool is technology?

To develop and showcase all the great work you will do in English, each learner will have:
  • a lesson notebook: for lesson notes and activities
  • a writer's notebook: for writing and playing with language (daily time is provided for this)
  • a portfolio (a paper file for your lesson notebook, writer's notebook, lesson handouts and best work)
  • an e-portfolio: a web-based portfolio for digital artefacts
  • blog: for publishing and creating a showcase of your work - this will be part of your e-portfolio
  • an Edmodo account: for communication inside and outside of lessons

Class Work

Each class has their own page on this site. It has a class photo, lesson schedule, homework calendar and links to lesson sites and Edmodo codes. You can get to these from the tabs at the top of this site, links in the left-hand menu under "Class Pages", or below:

Learners are expected to put in their best effort at all times. Learners are encouraged to ask questions and, as they always work hard, to share learning with me, with each other and with the world through their blogs and e-portfolios. 


Homework is always reading. Reading makes you better at EVERY part of English. You must read for a minimum of fifteen minutes every evening. Other homework will be set as needed. 
All homework is posted on: 
  • the homework calendar on your class page
  • Edmodo 
  • the Nexus Homework site
YOU have a responsibility to find a way of organising yourself and making sure your homework is done on time. Failure to do will affect your learning, progress and enjoyment of English.