School hours are 08.20 to 15.15. 
For most of this time I will be teaching, but please free free to email me at:-

You can Tweet questions, ideas or links to: @MrsHollysClass use the hashtag #MrsHolly

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You can also leave a message for me at reception on +65 6536 6566. 

Homework! Calendars are on each class page. 

When you contact me, please remember that as well as being a teacher, I am also a mother and a wife, as well as a life-long learner who is currently enrolled in a Masters of Education graduate degree programme. I am also trying to fit in Yoga, reading, writing and running too! 

I will endeavour to respond as soon as I can 
Thank you for your understanding :)

Please email to join the forum - all are welcome; conversations are good :)

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