Welcome to the Film and Media website. Here you will find course overviews, assessment criteria and a range of resources used within the department. This site is also an area to showcase student work and projects completed during the course along with material produced by Nexus TV - our very own school production team.


Here are two 'news' shorts produced by the year 12 IB Film class focusing on audio production.

Using a dual sound setup the students were given a brief to film a two part news sequence with a studio shot and on location shoot.

They then edited the footage and had to sync the sound between the original footage and separate audio tracks.


Here is an example of students working on producing a chase sequence.

The focus was on narrative structure and the use of shot/edit combinations to develop the story.

Students watched and analysed a series of sequences including the film Run Lola Run.

Year 10 Media - Magazine Cover

These magazine covers were created in an Introduction to Photoshop lesson. Students covered the use of layers, type, image formats, a range of photoshop tools and workflow for creating a final product.

Then using their acquired  knowledge of magazine codes and conventions made their own magazine cover using the supplied assets.