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Founded by Jim Hoefflin in 2005, nextsevenLLC is a different breed of consulting company. At nextsevenLLC, we blend the best of strategic planning and tactical execution to deliver results to our clients. Using a unique seven-step process, we help companies map long range and short term issues into a single, cohesive execution plan. In 2008, we introduced Agile Strategic Planning(SM), an advanced methodology for aligning business priorities with business realities.

While chess may be simply viewed as a game by many, it embodies our most prized intellectual skills: abstract thinking, memory, pattern recognition, calculation, inductive and deductive reasoning, visual imagery, creativity, problem solving and decision-making. Aren't those the same skills your business needs to be successful?

It is said that the best chess players in the world, not only utilize both hemispheres of their brains (left-brain for logic and right-brain for intuition), but also think ahead many moves in order to outmaneuver their competitors. Do you have the processes in place to help you out think your competition? Do you know what your next seven business moves are? If not, nextsevenLLC is ready to help.

Our Mission 

At nextsevenLLC, we look to blend both strategic planning and tactical thinking processes into a better business approach. We focus on bringing those techniques to our clients and are dedicated to whatever it takes to satisfy them. nextsevenLLC actively promotes a strong sense of ethics, a healthy work environment and active community involvement.

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