8th Grade Physical Science at New West Charter School

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Unit 2: Element and Substance Properties


Unit 3: Atomic Bonding


Unit 4: States of Matter


Unit 5: Conservation of Mass


Unit 7: Motion and Forces


Unit 8: Energy


Unit 9: Waves

Course Description

Physical science is composed of two major units of study with investigation and experimentation as an underlying theme throughout the course.  Students will explore the concepts of basic physics and basic chemistry, and will establish a solid foundation upon which they can build for their high school science courses.    

Throughout the basic chemistry units, students will explore the properties of matter from subatomic particles to biological macromolecules.  Specific topics will include density, structure of matter, reactions, and periodic table organization and trends.

The basic physics units will address concepts of basics kinematics, including motion, and forces as well as waves and energy. 

Students will design and conduct experiments whenever possible to attempt to discover the underlying principles, laws and theories woven throughout physical science.  Students will be required to collect evidence, state relationships between variables, and draw evidence-based conclusions from lab data.  


  • A quality spiral bound notebook like this one
  • Pens and pencils
  • colored pencils- small pack 
  • a basic calculator- the same calculator used in math class is fine
  • 3 rolls of clear tape to share with the class
Need some extra help? Check out this free online textbook you can use as a resource from CK-12: