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Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. 

                    - Confucius

New West History Department Philosophy

 The social studies curriculum is based on the core knowledge in history and social sciences aligned with the California State Standards and Common Core Standards. Students take a journey to the past in order to understand the present and inform the future.  The history/social science curriculum is designed to analyze themes, trends and major ideologies that have been prominent within and across civilizations throughout time.

 Students develop their critical thinking skills that historians and social scientists utilize in the field to study the past and its relationship to the present.  Teachers design their course by providing an array of primary and secondary sources, non-fiction books, reputable Internet sources (articles, videos, websites, news channels), documentaries and films.  By doing so, teachers are exposing students to resources that provide different perspectives of a concept and/or event.  This way, students are given the opportunity to understand history from as many lenses and puzzle with possibly opening a “new truth” to history. 

Challenging their mindset and addressing misconceptions allow many opportunities for students to make real-world applications in order to make history come alive and relevant to their lives.  Students are given opportunities to celebrate the achievements of multicultural and diverse communities in conjunction with recognizing the challenges and dilemmas that each face.  History no longer becomes a study of them, but a study of us, in which students start seeing their own identity within history and not separate from. 


Links to Teacher Pages

6th Grade: Mr. Hamaguchi

7th Grade: Mr. Jones

8th Grade: Mr. Arias

10th Grade: Mr. Estanislao (Department Chair)

11th Grade: Ms. Hynes 

12th Grade: Mr. Nevins


Course Offerings

Middle School

6th Grade: Ancient Civilizations

7th Grade: Medieval and Early Modern Times

8th Grade: Early United States History: Growth and Conflict


High School

10th Grade: Modern World History (College Prep & Honors)

11th Grade: United States History: Continuity and Change (College Prep & Honors)

12th Grade: American Democracy and Economics (College Prep & Honors)

Other Social Science: Psychology

Honors Placement Information

 Note: Honors courses are not offered at the middle school level.

 Grade 10

In-coming tenth grades interested in taking Honors Modern World History must take a placement exam to demonstrate a readiness to take on the rigors of honors material and expectations.

Grades 11-12

Students entering these grades have two opportunities for placement in honors courses:

1.     If a student is currently in an honors history class and earns an A in each semester, he or she is automatically eligible to enroll in the next year’s honors history course.  If a student does not meet this requirement, he or she must take and pass the placement test to be in honors history once again

2.     Any student can take the honors placement for the next year’s honors history course