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Link to TEXTBOOK: http://bltscience.weebly.com/uploads/5/7/5/8/57581931/modern_chemistry_book_copy_.pdf


This is my second year at New West, and I am very excited to be here.  I grew up in southwest Missouri and attended college at Missouri State University.  There, I earned a bachelor of science in Biology with a minor in Anthropology.  I moved to California recently where I am currently finishing a master of arts in Teaching.  I have a daughter who is two years old, and together we love to travel, read, and be outdoors. 


I am very passionate about science and discovery, and bring this enthusiasm to my classroom.  The daily goal is to create an environment of innovation and learning that transports the students from a traditional, structured classroom to one full of active science.  I want my students to get excited to learn all that science has to offer them and to truly understand that is interdisciplinary and vast; textbooks simply outline the basics that scientists use every day around the globe in a variety of ways.  I look forward to working with such driven students who will create an environment full of curiosity.


Course Syllabus is uploaded and unchanging.
The lab safety contract must be carefully read and signed before laboratory work can begin.


Homework will be assigned regularly.  Please check the 10th grade homework page regularly for assignments, announcements, and helpful links.

Course Description

We will cover a broad range of chemistry topics in the units listed below.  For more information, refer to the Next Generation Science Standards for Chemistry.

Intro Unit: Chemistry Concepts

Unit 1: Atomic Structure

Unit 2: Chemical Reactions

Unit 3: Stoichiometry

Unit 4: Acids and Bases

Unit 5: Gases

Unit 6: Solutions

Unit 7: Thermochemical Reactions

Grading Policy

I do not give grades; students earn grades.

I do, however, adhere to the standard grade breakdown:

A = 90 - 100% 
B = 80 - 89.9%
C = 70 - 79.9%
D = 60 - 69.9%
F = 0 - 59.9%


Must have:
  • Lined paper (for assignments outside of the notebook)
  • 3-ring Binder
  • Divider tabs (8 units, 1 for resources)
  • Calculator (any will work, but scientific notation is a plus)
Good to have:
  • Metric Ruler
  • Highlighters

Class Rules

Be responsible.
Be respectful.
Be honest.
Do your best.


I expect students to work hard and take pride in their education. 
Do every assignment and study for quizzes and tests.  
Ask questions and get help if and when you don't understand.
Don't give up.
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