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NOTE:  formMule has been republished as an Add-on for Sheets.   If you are only looking for email merge utility, we STRONGLY encourage you to use the Add-ons version of this tool.

If you need calendar or SMS merge, the old formMule is for you!   This tool can only be installed by copying this blank Google Sheet, which has the code attached in the Script Editor. 

The formMule script is a powerful workflow building block that enables the automation of structured, repetitive communications tasks that are often mission-critical to the work of teams or small organizations. This script has generated enormous time savings in some of New York City's most innovative yet resource-strapped high schools, and represents the work of a collaboration amongst educators supported by New Visions for Public Schools.

The script allows users to ensure the appropriate people are kept in the loop regarding regular occurrences like behavior incidents, absences at attendance at after-school tutoring, etc. It allows users to quickly automate targeted email, text/voice messages and calendar appointments to groups of people. It allows you to send out follow-up emails, invite students to after-school events, or text parents reminders about upcoming school events. It also allows you to differentiate who receives which communications based on spreadsheet data, and allows the timing of the communication to be done manually or triggered when Google Forms are submitted


    • Set up and generate templated, merged emails from form or spreadsheet data.
    • Optionally set 'send conditions' that trigger up to six different emails based on a column's value in the merged row. Allows for branching or differentiated outputs based on the value of individual form responses.
    • Can be set to auto-copy-down formula columns (on form submit) that operate to the right of form data. Great for use with VLOOKUP and IF formulas that reference form data. For example, look up an email address in another sheet based on a name submitted in the form.
    • Auto-generate and auto-update calendar events using form or spreadsheet data and conditions.
    • Easily connects to the Twilio SMS and Voice service to enable SMS and Voice merges from Spreadsheet or Form data.
    • Can be triggered on form submit or run manually after merge preview.
    • Configuration settings can be exported to allow Spreadsheet-based systems to be packaged for easy replication through File->Copy in Google Drive.
    • Interested in doing Google Document or PDF merges instead? Check out the autoCrat script in the gallery.

    • Enter student feedback into a spreadsheet and automatcally send it to students and parents via email.
    • Create a schoolwide period attendance tracker that sends emails and texts home to parents when students skip class. Simultaneously send emails to guidance staff alerting them of the absence. 
    • Solicit information from school staff via Google Form, and send time-triggered email reminders that don't quit until the form is submitted.

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    Basic Tutorial - A simple email merge
    Using the formula copy down feature - New feature on both formMule and autoCrat


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