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rosterSync - Admin Edition

"Free the rosters!"

The rosterSync Add-on allows domain super-admins to create and update Google Classroom rosters using student information system CSV exports and data stored in Google Sheets.

  1. Ensure that data access is enabled for Google Classroom.  This setting is located in the GAFE Admin panel, under Apps -> Google Apps -> Settings for Classroom.
  2. Once you've got access to the API, install the Add-on here.

Requirements: Note that you must be a domain super admin in order for this Add-on to work.  

Note:  This Add-on is still in early beta and has not been tested for large numbers of students. 

  • Flexible import and field mapping interface accommodates a wide variety of SIS exports, and allows for multiple sources to be joined together based on match (keyed) values.
  • Field mappings are stored for re-use, streamlining the re-import and update process.
  • Allows for granular exclusion of specific teachers, students, and course sections from Classroom update.
  • Provisions new Classroom courses, but does not activate them, allowing teachers control over whether or not to "accept" the Classroom course (and preventing students from seeing courses Teachers are not yet ready to moderate).
  • Provides a full preview of updates before applying them.
  • Updates existing Classroom courses with matching aliases, adding / removing students and/or changing teacher as needed.


  • The manual enrollment of students in Google Classroom can be an adoption barrier, which rosterSync alleviates.
  • Frequent roster-changes occur particularly in higher needs schools, which means that an easy roster sync process is critical to boosting technology adoption.

    • Best if adopted and set up PRIOR to the start of the school year or semester.  This avoids a scenario where teachers have already set up Google Classroom on their own, and then receive a bunch of redundant courses from rosterSync.
    • Teachers can "Accept" or "Decline" course invitations from Classroom courses created with rosterSync, and students do not see the courses until they are "Accepted" by the teacher.
    • It's probably wise to message to teachers that they are at liberty to make adjustments to their own rosters once they are provisioned, and to train them to do so, so they feel empowered to avoid IT bottlenecks and fix SIS errors on their own!




      Andrew Stillman worked in outdoor education in the Pacific Northwest prior to a ten year stint in the New York City Department of Education, where he worked as a science and math teacher, and later as founding assistant principal and engineering educator for the Columbia Secondary School for Math, Science and Engineering in Harlem, NYC.  Andrew joined New Visions for Public Schools in 2011, where he has focused his energies on innovating strategies and tools to bring better ways of working to everyone from the classroom teacher to the back office administrator.  When Andrew is not coding, he loves working on "maker" projects with his two young kids, cooking spicy food, or riding his bike.