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"Delegate the power to reset student 
passwords to their teachers!"

Don't let forgotten student passwords gum up teachers' lesson plans.  Delegate the power to reset student passwords to specific teachers for specific groups of students (by OU).

openSesame allows Google Apps for EDU domain super-admins to set up Google Forms that allow specific staff-members -- automatically, on form submit -- the ability to instantly reset a password for a particular student within defined organizational unit(s).

This fine-grained delegation of password-reset power is not otherwise possible via the Google Apps admin panel.
  1. You must be logged in via a super-admin account to use this Add-on.
  2. The API Service must be enabled in the security section of your Google Apps domain.
  3. This Add-on is currently unlisted.  Click here to go directly to the store listing!
  4. For help, join and post to the G+ Support community for this tool.
  1. Populate a Form with users from selected OU(s) whose passwords you want to make resettable (your "Active Students" OU, for example).  Once the trigger is enabled, your form will be refreshed every hour.
  2. Build a whitelist of users who will be able to reset passwords on the selected OU(s). Add whitelisted emails directly to the "Whitelist" tab or grab emails from an OU or domain group (your "" domain group, for example).
  3. Once the form trigger is enabled, whitelisted users can reset selected user 
    passwords to opensesame with a simple Form submission.  Passwords are reset immediately on form submission, so forgotten student passwords will never again gum up teachers' lesson plans.
  4. Upon form submission, the staff member who submitted the form and the student whose password has been reset will receive a confirmation email!
Note: For security purposes, the Form must be on the same domain as the whitelisted users, and will be set to collect username.

Have questions about how openSesame handles student data? Check out this terms of use document.


  • Find the code for the openSesame Add-on on GitHub (coming soon)

Danielle joined New Visions in 2010. She supports New Visions and its schools in building systems for data collection and analysis to inform strategic decision-making. Her previous employers include the New York City Department of Education where she served as a consultant in the Knowledge Sharing division. She has also participated in short-term education research endeavors in India, Thailand, South Africa and Zambia.  She earned her B.A. in international affairs from Northeastern University and a master's in international education development from NYU's Steinhardt School of Culture, Education & Human Development.