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formMule - Email Merge Utility

"A communications work animal!"

formMule sends targeted, personalized emails from a Google Sheet.  Run as either a manual email merge or -- more powerfully -- as a triggered merge that runs automatically on form submit. 

Here are a few features that make formMule unique from other email merge tools:
  • Handy email template editor auto-inserts merge tags with the click of a button.
  • Can be set to use up to 10 different email templates based on specified send conditions.
  • Create unique case numbers on form submit for use in keying follow-ups.
  • Grab and send form response edit URLs, and formulas copied down on form submit.

Install formMule in a few clicks on any Google Sheet from the Add-on Gallery for Sheets.  Once installed, you can launch formMule from any other Google spreadsheet in your Drive.

  1. Merge settings - Identify the sheet that you will use to create merged emails. This sheet must have unique headers in the first row, and one row of data per email you want to send.  Indicate whether you want to run the merge manually or on form submit -- this means your merge source can be the same sheet that accepts Google Form responses.
  2. Email template(s) and send conditions - indicate how many unique templates you want to use in your merge setup (up to 10 allowed).  For simple cases, this will typically be just one, but imagine sending different templates for different reasons, depending on the values in your sheet.  This is where "Send Condition" comes in -- use this to set a specific flag that must exist in a column in the source data in order for a particular template to send.  Imagine the possibilities!
  3. Build / preview your template(s) - Handy template editor lets you create and preview the To, CC, BCC, Reply-to, Subject, Body, and auto-translated Body via Google Translate language codes.  With click-button menu for all available headers, dropping merge tags into your template has never been easier. Preview your template interacts with your sheet data in real-time.
  • Works great for bulk-sending batches of merged emails OR for automated merges on each new form submission.
  • Allows you to create up to 10 different email templates, each with its own send condition -- e.g. only send Template A if column B = "Yes", etc.
  • Fancy new template editor lets you drop in merge tags and header labels (in body) with a swift little click.  Satisfying!
  • Can be set to create unique case number per form submission, useful for keying together multiple forms that include follow ups.
  • Works together with the copyDown Add-on to allow formulas to be copied down on form submit, opening up the possibility for VLOOKUP, COUNTIF, and other useful functions to play a role in your communications logic.

USAGE PATTERNS   (launched Fall 2014)

Have questions about how formMule handles student data? Check out this terms of use document.


  • Find the code for the formMule Add-on on GitHub (coming soon)
  • Build your own self-correcting Google Forms assessments that auto-send results and/or learning resources upon form submit.
  • Set up a website contact form that uses branching logic to reach the correct person's inbox depending upon the nature of the request.
  • Manage registrations, signups, or other workflows where you need to move lots of people through a multi-stage process using email reminders and Form submissions.
  • Create a student referral system with branching logic, e.g. different email templates and recipients for different referral types.
  • Many more!
Join the formMule users' community

If you have any questions about using formMule, or to share out successes you've had in using it, please join the formMule user's community on Google Plus!


Note:  These videos were produced by formMule users!


  Andrew Stillman worked in outdoor education in the Pacific Northwest prior to a ten year stint in the New York City Department of Education, where he worked as a science and math teacher, and later as founding assistant principal and engineering educator for the Columbia Secondary School for Math, Science and Engineering in Harlem, NYC.  Andrew joined New Visions for Public Schools in 2011, where he has focused his energies on innovating strategies and tools to bring better ways of working to everyone from the classroom teacher to the back office administrator.  When Andrew is not coding, he loves working on "maker" projects with his two young kids, cooking spicy food, or riding his bike.