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"Get your Google Form submissions up on the dance floor
with the power of formula-copy-down!"
The copyDown Add-on makes it possible to automate formula calculations in the same spreadsheet rows as your Google Form submissions.  No more manually copying and pasting or writing ugly arrayformulas...

Great for tasks like looking up an email address in another sheet based on a name field in your form, or evaluating correct and incorrect student answers on Forms-based assessments and generating personalized feedback.

Combine with the formMule or autoCrat Add-on for sheets and you've got the ability to bring computed values into your automated document and email merges.  Hello workflow!

  • Simple as pie.  Click here to visit the Chrome Web Store stub for copyDown and install.  Once installed, copyDown will be available for use in any Google Sheet that is the destination for a Google Form.
  • Join the copyDown G+ Support Community


Make sure your Google Sheet is fed by a Google Form.  Add some column headers to the right of your form response data where you want to use spreadsheet formulas to calculate some value.  An old favorite is to use the VLOOKUP formula to go and retrieve information based on a matching value, like email address or validated name.

Add formulas to Row 2 of the spreadsheet, in the columns where you want your calculated values.

Fire up copyDown from the Add-ons menu and a sidebar will open with a simple "On / Off" switch.    Switch to "On" and you should see a listing of all formulas in row 2.  At this point, copyDown setup is DONE!  

Optionally, before saving and closing the sidebar you can select which of your formulas to paste back into the sheet as values.  This has the same effect as "Paste as values" you may be used to in sheets... e.g. it eliminates the formulas once they have calculated, leaving only the result in each cell.

USAGE PATTERNS (launched Fall 2014)

Have questions about how the copyDown handles student data? Check out this terms of use document.


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  Andrew Stillman worked in outdoor education in the Pacific Northwest prior to a ten year stint in the New York City Department of Education, where he worked as a science and math teacher, and later as founding assistant principal and engineering educator for the Columbia Secondary School for Math, Science and Engineering.  Andrew joined New Visions for Public Schools in 2011, where he has focused his energies on innovating strategies and tools to bring better ways of working to everyone from the classroom teacher to the back office administrator.  When Andrew is not coding, he loves working on "maker" projects with his two young kids, cooking spicy food, or riding his bike.