Mrs. Erin Jobman

Hello! I have been at New Vision since the fall of 2006.When we moved to Loveland, we chose NVCS because we thought it was the best school for our three kiddos. I have worked as a counselor in a lot of different settings: schools, a mental health wing in a hospital, a traumatic brain injury clinic, the MN Workforce Center, Vocational Rehab and Testing, and as a therapist in a private practice. When we found out about NVCS and what its goals were,  I wanted to be a part of that and applied for a job here. My children are long gone from NVCS but I chose to stay on because it is an amazing place to work. I value how our school community is a family and that our students are so well-prepared to move onto high school. It is truly a blessing to work here with your children. When I'm not at New Vision, I might be: reading, playing tennis, drawing and painting, playing the piano, hiking, scrapbooking, taking photographs, attending athletic events, and spending time with my husband and kids. 

I am here to help support your student's social and emotional needs in order to help them achieve success academically. This may happen through individual meetings, small groups, or classroom meetings. Sometimes there are events that occur outside of school that get in the way of student learning, so please know that I am here to help your child deal with those feelings so s/he can get back into class to learn. While I do not replace outside counseling, I am available for quick student check-ins if they're going through something difficult. Please let me know how I can support your child. 

As a school counselor, I also facilitate high school registration for 8th grade students. This process starts in November each year and continues into February. I am also the 504 Coordinator at NVCS and serve on the Building Leadership Team and MTSS (Multi-Tiered Systems of Support) Team designed to work with parents of students needing interventions in order to be successful at school.

Parents or Legal Guardians are welcome to call me at any time if you have questions or you feel I need to support your child in some way. Students are also able to refer themselves to me by stopping by my office or asking their teacher for a meeting. The easiest way for Parents/Guardians to contact me is through email: ( You may also call me at (970)593-6827. I am also happy to meet with you in person. I am not easily available for an impromptu drop-in meeting, so please contact me to schedule a meeting if you would like to meet in person.

I look forward to getting to know you and your children. I hope you are enjoying having your kiddos at NVCS as much as I enjoyed having mine here!

Erin Jobman