Good morning, first grade families!

December sure is flying by - 10 days until break! :) 

Here's how our week is shaping up: 

1) We will be breaking up teen numbers into tens & ones, reading fables & learning contractions, studying the different types of sentences, and beginning our new science unit on astronomy!

2) This week's spelling words are: from, my, ground, sour, fool, look, good, stood

3) PTO's Santa Shop will take place this Friday, December 14. For families new to NVCS, this is an inexpensive, fun way to let your child pick a small gift for everyone in the family! Children will be able to shop during school (please send cash) or during family hours from 4-8pm.

4) Please consider keeping a spare change of clothes in your child's backpack. This comes in handy if they are ever wet from snow or a potty accident or if they ever become ill and need a clean set of clothes.

5) Our last day of school before break is Friday, December 21. It will be a fun day for our first graders!! More info to come. ;)

Have a great week!
Mrs. McCrary and Mrs. Chaloupka