I am thrilled to be teaching music at New Vision! Please check this site as I continue to update information for your child's classes. To contact me directly, please email editmer@nvcs.school, or call 970-593-6827 ext 1138.

Thank you!
Ellen Ditmer

6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Band and Choir Concerts:
Mountain View High School Auditorium, 7:00 P.M.
    Tuesday, April 30, 2019
Concert attendance is mandatory for students in these ensembles. Please see the handbook (links below) for attendance policy and concert dress guidelines. Report times and reminders will be distributed as the concert dates approach.

Fourth and Fifth Grade Music
All fourth and fifth grade students should plan to bring recorders to music class from mid-September onward. A free recorder is provided to each fourth grade student to keep.
    FOURTH GRADE: Monday and Wed. (Planansky)/Fri. (McElroy)
    FIFTH GRADE: Tuesday and Friday

Use the file link at the bottom of the page to view, download, and print the bands' practice log at home. The letter and sample sent home with students is also available below. Students are expected to practice at least 80-90 minutes per week--15-20 MINUTES A DAY--and the log should be completed and turned in weekly.
  • Those 80-90 minutes should be broken into small increments over several days--five to six sessions for 15 minutes; four sessions for 20 minutes; etc.--to have the most benefit!
  • It's easiest to remember to practice if it's done at a scheduled time each day--15 minutes immediately after school; 20 minutes before school; 10 minutes before dinner; etc.
Students should write down what they practice and achieve briefly each time they play--then they won't forget or cram at the end of a week. Sixth grade logs are due EVERY WEDNESDAY. Seventh and eighth grade logs are due EVERY WEDNESDAY or THURSDAY (purple/orange days alternate).

Band Listening Links
To help students practice at home more easily, remember to use the free online library http://myeelibrary.com/ for Essential Elements (access code provided inside front of books) or order the free CD (card inside front of books, or order from the site).

Sixth Grade Band:
Essential Elements Library

Seventh and Eighth Grade Band:
Storm Surge (link on page says "Download MP3," and it will open the recording in a new browser tab): http://www.fjhmusic.com/band/b1219.htm

Get the Tonal Energy Tuner & Metronome (made by Powerful Practice Tools) for $3.99.
When you are practicing, set the Mode and Range to Wind, Medium, and Normal. Set the Transposition to your own instrument--Concert Instrs (flute and trombone); Bb Clarinet; Alto Sax; Bb Trumpet; French Horn. When you play, the tuner helps you know whether or not the pitch is accurate, too high, or too low.

Helpful Link
For practice reading music and other music games, visit http://www.themusicinteractive.com/. Band students with access to iOS phones or tablets will especially benefit from STAFF WARS LIVE. It only costs $0.99 and aids with both pitch recognition AND playing the pitch accurately.
To Play:
1. Visit settings to adjust the key and instrument (Bb Major flute, xylophone, trombone; C Major clarinet, trumpet; G Major alto saxophone; F Major French horn) and the note range. Tap save.
2. Select clef.
3. Set speed, and click start.

Music Grading Rubric:
K-5 Music participation grades are based on the 5 point scale below.
For middle school choir and band, the points are doubled to a 10 point scale.
    5 - I did all that was asked of me and MORE.
    4 - I did all that was asked.
    3 - I did MOST of what was asked.
    2 - There was more that I could do.
    0/1 - I did not do what was asked of me.
When choir or band students do not bring their materials (folder with music and book, instrument, pencil), students will receive a 5 at best for participation.
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