K-12 School Counseling


K-12 School Counseling Lessons

Counselor Workshop Descriptions:

Click here to see the descriptions of our Counselor Workshops for all the high school grades.  9th and 12th grade Counselor Workshops are scheduled in the 1st Semester.  10th and 11th grade Counselor Workshops are scheduled in the 2nd Semester

 "How we can help":

K-12 Program of Services

Academic: The NHS Counseling Department supports students’ academic needs. Counselors meet with students regularly about various academic concerns, course planning and schedule changes. Additionally, counselors teach Counselor Workshop lessons centered around academics including Course Selection for 11th graders where students select classes for senior year and analyze their transcripts and credits, Course Selection for 10th graders where students review the requirements for graduation as well as learn of new course offerings and begin to build their schedule for junior year and Records and Requirements lesson for 9th grade students to inform them of how to calculate GPAs, what information goes on a transcript, how many credits that are needed to graduate and which courses are required for graduation. Freshman counselors also teach Counselor Workshop lessons focused on time management, different learning styles as well as a transition lesson that reviews graduation requirements and introduces them to their 10-12 counselor who they will make an appointment with to complete course selection for 10th grade. The freshman counselors conduct a Study Skills group for students during Semester 2 as well. School counselors work collaboratively with all school staff to best support students in their academic course work throughout high school.

Social/Emotional:The NHS school counselors play an important role in students’ social/emotional development throughout their four years of high school. All counselors make students aware of their open door policy and are receptive to each student’s individual needs. Counselors conduct individual counseling with  students on a daily basis regarding anxiety, depression, family issues, social concerns, etc. School counselors are apart of 504, PPT, and SAT (Student Assistance Team) meetings to be proactive in addressing social/ emotional and other concerns. The Counselor Workshop lessons based on social/emotional learning include Internet Safety for 10th graders where students review the importance of making good choices regarding texting, social media and the internet, De-Stress lesson for 10th graders where students will create mind jars and learn strategies on reducing anxiety, Mental Health lesson for 9th graders where they are introduced to one of the school psychologists and social worker who informs them of their role in the school as well as several mental health disorders and a Mean & Cruel Behavior lesson that teaches students about Public Act No. 11-232 and discusses how to react to negative behaviors. The freshman counselors also facilitate groups throughout the school year to focus on student needs. For example, a coping skills group for students with anxiety and a social group for students who are new to Newtown.

Career: The NHS school counselors work with students to prepare for life after high school regardless of what their plan may be (college, workforce, military, tech school, etc.) They schedule four years of courses that will best prepare them for their post-secondary plan. School counselors are constantly striving to better their program and create a testing plan that benefits all students. The school counselors frequently meet with students individually as well as  with their parents to discuss post-secondary options best suited for them. The 12th grade Counselor Workshop topics are centered around the college process. The lessons include: Overview of College Process, Common Application- How To, Essay and Resume Writing Review and Financial Aid and Scholarships. The 11th grade Counselor Workshop topics that focus on postsecondary planning include: Testing- PSAT/ Khan Academy, College Search, Common App & Essay and a Senior Panel Q&A. Throughout 10th grade Counselor Workshop Lessons, students will complete the Myers- Briggs Personality Type Indicator that connects them to careers best suited for their personality type, become informed of how advancing technology is impacting future educational choices, become aware of the many useful functions of Naviance  and complete a Career Search Profiler. The 9th grade Counselor Workshop lessons focus on career planning by having students create career/post secondary goals on Naviance as well as complete the Career Cluster Inventory. School Counselors conduct a College Info Session before the start of the school year and a Financial Aid Night during second semester for parents and students.

Community Resources    

Looking for support?  We have great counselors in every school eager to make a connection with you!  Please come see us!!

In addition, there are many community resources we partner with.  Please click on any of these links to learn more. 

Please also see special notes below about availability over the holiday break.


Center for Support and Wellness

·   Provide referrals, care navigation, and case management to families and students referred by school support staff.

·    Identify trends and gaps in service and partner with Newtown schools to find solutions.

·    Help connect college students to providers for brief therapy over winter and summer breaks when requested.


12/14 resource guide

How to contact us:

Phone: 203-270-4612     

Address: 28 Trades Lane (Fairfield Hills Campus)

Corinne.ofgang@newtown-ct.gov (Care Navigator)    

 Valerie.jones@newtown-ct.gov (Survivor Care Navigator)

Tricia.pinto@newtown-ct.gov (Victims Family Care Navigator)

Jennifer.crane@newtown-ct.gov (Director)

Webpage: (To be relaunched January 2018) www.newtowncsw.org 


Newtown Youth and Family Services

1)  Counseling and therapy groups (both male and female)


2)   Autism services for the individual, siblings and families (These are run throughout the school year)




3)  Fusion and Homework Club (Fusion is the mentoring program run by NYFS and Jeff Tolson. Supporting 9th graders upon entering the high school. They are matched with an 11th grader.


Homework Club is academic support offered at the Middle School and Reed, 2 days a week.


Over the holidays we will be operating as usual. Monday-Thursday 9-8PMFriday 9-5 and Saturdays 8-2. We are not a crisis center, but our clients do have access to their therapist after hours. We do have limited walk in assistance available. Jen(Bulluss) Cohen and Christine Stowe are our staff and are available solely to school personnel daily in the district.


Newtown-Sandy Hook Community Foundation, Inc.

·         Located at 2 Washington Square in Fairfield Hills, the Newtown-Sandy Hook Community Foundation oversees the Sandy Hook School Support Fund (SHSSF) and provides reimbursement to families of victim, surviving SHS students and staff members, emergency responders, and their immediate family members for out-of-pocket expenses for treatment or services related to the impact from 12/14/12. A FAQ explaining eligibility can be found on the Foundation’s website http://www.nshcf.org/resources-2.  

·         In addition to individual financial support, the Foundation provides grants to organizations working with the community and those impacted by the tragedy. Information on grant funding to date, or how to apply, can be found at www.nshcf.org.  

·       Finally, the Foundation is working to help build a robust infrastructure of support in Newtown for the long-term by promoting collaboration and sponsoring events, trainings, speakers, and other activities that promote community strengthening.

Contact Jennifer Barahona, Executive Director, for more information at jbarahona@nshcf.org or 203-460-0687.


Resiliency Center of Newtown
The Resiliency Center of Newtown (RCN) provides free long-term support and strives to build a nurturing community within which children and families can successfully manage the effects of bereavement and trauma in positive ways. RCN offers trauma-informed assistance and programs, referral services, and community outreach programs designed to help restore a sense of emotional well-being within homes and the community. It has made a long-term commitment to offer core programming--creative and expressive bereavement and trauma therapies--in order to see the youth impacted by this tragedy into adulthood and address their varying grief and trauma reactions at different developmental stages. Since opening our doors in 2013, RCN has created an approachable, community-based environment to help people connect with others and encourage the healing process. For more information about our programs and services, please visit our website at https://resiliencycenterofnewtown.org/

*  Provide therapy to both children and adults

 *  All services are at no-charge to the individual

 * Educational workshops and support groups offered throughout the year

*  RCN will be open during the holiday break

Social Emotional Learning

Our districts' core values and beliefs educate hearts, inspire minds, and help people navigate the world more effectively.  Stay tuned ~ more to follow!

Newtown Public Schools 
Student Success Plans
What is a Student Success Plan?

An individualized portfolio based on students’ interests and strengths that will be developed and monitored to help every student stay connected in school and to set and achieve academic, social-emotional and future goals.

School Counseling Departments within the District: